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tv   BBC World News  WHUT  August 22, 2011 7:00am-7:30am EDT

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>> hello, you are watching "bbc world news." our headlines are dominated by just one story. the regime is under collapse. >> up ahead, there are still signs of a fighting. his sons are under arrest. the whereabouts of the colonel are unknown. >> libyans are celebrating the news of rebel assaults. they're asking the colonel to
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stand down. his regime is falling apart and in full retreat. he must stop fighting without conditions and that clearly show that he has given up any claim to control libya. >> the battle is raging for control of the city. rebels took over green square, previously the scene of pro demonstrations. >> here is a summary of the fast-moving developments. hundreds of rebels have swept into tripoli. fighting in the city has broken out in several places.
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>> there were jubilant scenes as rebels reached the capital. >> the international criminal court has indicted him for torturing and killing civilians. another of his sons are being detained. >> this mission in libya will continue as long as civilians need protection. >> the rebel army is streaming into the city base storm that overnight. empire, thehafi's capital. it has been renamed at martyr square. hours after occupying talks of the city, rebels are setting up check points. >> the army of gadhafi now flag
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without order, without anything. >> the colonel himself seems to have a vanished. these amateur pictures appear to show rebel fighters a storming the house and another of his sons has it seemed surrendered. >> i am being attacked right now. there is gunfire inside my house. they are inside my house. >> this is not yet a city fully under rebel control. this morning, tanks fired on rebels trying to enter the compound. tripoli remains under government control. fireworks welcomed the news from the capital.
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they rejoiced at the home of the political movement. the implications for the country as a whole are still unclear. it seems like victory and is a warm welcome for the rebels on the way to mark her square. >> our correspondent has been covering advance in tripoli throughout this entire conflict. tell me, what is the latest? what is happening? what are you hearing? >> we can still hear it nato jets flying over the capital. we do not know whether it is the remnants of celebratory gunfire or something else. it is quite difficult to tell. at the moment, i have had a
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reliable source come back from a short trip about 10 minutes away from where we are in the eastern part of the city. it took about one hour and a half to reach. there are checkpoints every 100 meters. they are trying to maintain public order. as far as my source could see, it has been a very well organized. as you mentioned, there are still some battles raging on bram the capital. >> it sounds like the rebels are particularly organized. >> it is a combination of both.
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there was some fear that as things would break down in terms of public order once enough began in the capital and rebel fighters would rise. however, it would appear that everyone was well organized. it is more a sense of neighborhood security. even in our area, all the men from different houses around really have not slept in the past 48 hours. they are wary of any kind of outside movement or any strangers coming into the area. it is being done for security reasons because obviously is not
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over yet. as far as we know, gaddafi is still in power. >> is there a feeling of a fidelity today? -- finality today? >> i have not spoken to a lot of people, but i can say in the early hours that people were chanting out that "god is great" and singing the national anthem of the old monarchies. i think they still firmly believe that the end is near. however, there is a sense that it may take another day or two. some people are still on edge. they do not know what is happening in other parts of the city. given reports of fighting still
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happening and other parts that are closer to downtown tripoli, there is a sense of nervousness as to what could come next. forces are just off of green square. there is a coastal war -- coastal road that is supposed to be under control of the rebels. there are reports of snipers been stationed. >> thank you for bringing us up to date. >> gaddafi's forces are putting up a fight with pockets of resistance across the city. >> generally this morning has been coming to tripoli very quiet. you hear the shooting in the background, but here we go.
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you see this every time we go past. groups of young men celebrating. so far, no sides are fighting in the city. it is all very quiet. we just come into, we are approaching the center of tripoli right here. they say there is still fighting going on. gaddafi soldiers are up ahead. where is gaddafi? >> nobody knows. [speaking foreign language.] >> he is hiding somewhere.
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although, it appears very quiet on the surface here in tripoli this morning, it is also still clearly intends. parts of the city are not under the rubble's -- the rebels contro >> l. little did these young fighters know what lay in store for them. we decided to follow them as they headed down the seafront towards the city center. up ahead, there are still signs of of fighting. we sought an anti-aircraft cannon firing directly -- we saw an anti-aircraft cannon firing directly.
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[gunshots] it is clear at that despite the overnight celebrations, it is still a city that is far from safe or secure. bbc news in tripoli. >> he joins us on the phone. where are you now and how much fighting is still going on? >> as you might understand, after that little encounter we pulled out to the west of tripoli down the road to regroup. we have been with a group of rebels for days. we got to know them quite well. we were in that the city this morning. we were in touch it appears
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there is much resistance. they're moving through the suburbs of the city but they are getting incoming sniper fire regularly. they are essentially having to go street by street securing them as they go. when you have to understand is that it tripoli is beginning to fragment into its different communities. the east, which is quite poor and industrial is very pro rebels. winter said it is quiet and secure. they have set up roadblocks. in the west, which is where we were this morning, it is a very different story. it is much more pro gaddafi. there are villages there. there are lots of fighting still going on. >> clearly the situation is
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incredibly fluid at the moment. we have had months of stalemate. when the end has come, it has been a very quickly, hasn't it? >> it has come much more quickly than any of us thought. we were asking ourselves, can this really be the push on tripoli? surely they will stand and fight outside the gates of tripoli. but all resistance melted away as the rebels drove straight into the center of the city. it could be that there is more -- there is no morale and the military has just melted away. there are just a few people clinging on. another thing people are talking about now is potentially the rebels are being drawn into an ambush. they may be drawn into being encircled into the city. they have not disappeared.
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what we saw this morning and what we are hearing now is that it appears it is not yet over. >> we are hearing thattanks are heading towards the green square. we still do not know where colonel gaddafi actually is. until that moment of surrender when he is taking, that will be when it all ends. >> absolutely. this is the crucial thing now. if gaddafi can be caught, perhaps in his supporters will throw in the towel and there will be no more bloodshed. he appears to decide he will fight until the end. whether he is in his compound hiding out there or somewhere else in the country, the sad thing about that means that the
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fighting will continue longer and there will be more bloodshed and potentially more destruction than there might have been. >> thank you much again, thank you. >> the apparent beginning of the end of gaddafi's role. nato confirmed that its mission to protect civilians continues. this statement was made. >> the gaddafi regime is clearly crumbling. the sooner he realizes that he cannot win the battle against his own people, the better. so that the libyan people can be scared of a further bloodshed and suffering. the libyan people have suffered tremendously under gaddafi's role for over four decades. now they have a chance for a new beginning. >> the british prime minister
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fallingtish gaddafi's apart. >> six months ago, this country took the difficult decision to commit our country to support the people of libya. i said at the time that the action was necessary, legal, and right. i believe that even more strongly today. it was necessary because gaddafi was going to slaughter his own people. that massacre of innocent people was prevented. it was legal, because we secured a resolution from the united nations and have been acting in accordance ever since. it was right because the libyan people deserve to shape their own future just as the people of egypt are now doing. >> other international leaders
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have been pressuring him to step aside. they urge him to spare his people for their suffering. >> in the american president said that gaddafi needs to acknowledge the reality that he no longer controls libya and needs to relinquish power. >> to get more reaction from washington, we go live. david, it was an interesting turn of events earlier today. president obama said he would not comment and then about an hour or so later he did comment. does he believe that mr. gaddafi's time is over? >> president obama is actually on vacation at martha's vineyard at the moment. the white house pains to point out that he has been meeting with members of his national
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security council. the statement referred to their says that the momentum of the gaddafi regime it reached a tipping point in his words. it is slipping from the grasp of a tyrant. president obama is calling gaddafi to recognize that his rule is coming to an end and relinquish power once and for all. >> is he making plans for libya without gaddafi i imagine we will hear more from president obama. >> i think so, very much. the white house also points out that america is working with the transitional council. obama called for a just and inclusive future for the people of libya. a very interesting, significant
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choice of words, i think. he also thinks the conflict must lead to peace. all eyes are on what will happen next in libya. this should be a smooth transition. the last thing that western leaders what is it some kind of tribal bloodbath. >> what will it do for president obama's ratings? is this a boost perhaps? >> it is very interesting, because there has already criticism. john mccain, who was a firm advocate of u.s. intervention in libya, criticize the president for not doing enough. he said that all this could have been achieved earlier had america acted more decisively. that being said, i must say that one thing that is on the mind of americans in the run up to next
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year's alexian -- election, and that is the economy. >> a very interesting view. what next? do we see president obama and international leaders meet to come out with one firm voice? >> i think certainly he will be in contact with david cameron if he is not already. i think there will be an attempt to get that kind of consensus. at the moment, the white house is being very careful to find out how the chips like and what happens on the ground. they're reserving full judgment and full comment until they see how it plays out in libya. >> thank you very much for bringing us up to date with a view from washington. >> inbusiness time now. -- business time now.
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>> interestingly enough, what happened initially is we saw london by two points. you can see there are slight less in the background. also trading a little positive note. we saw the downturn. the underlying fundamentals of the economy have not gone away. we're still conducting trade against the backdrop. we are really concerned about how quickly we can turn the situation around it in terms of restoring positivity to the market. very good day to you. what can happen if there is a
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piece quickly established in libya? how long will it take to the -- till the oil is back to full capacity? >> that is a great question. there is a question about how much damage has reached the oil structure in libya. they also managed to hit an oil export pipeline along the mediterranean coast. many facilities have been badly hit as well. it is possible that the rebels may with -- may be able to export oil within 12 months. >> whenever libya produces, it will be largely absorbed by domestic rather than export. could that have an impact on the price and sell? >> id could very well. many refineries are running at
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full capacity. is it is likely they will continue to supply the rebels. they could export their crude oil rather than consuming it domestically. they could prioritize exports and then satisfy domestic refined fuels for their allied countries. >> there is a real question of what will happen after colonel gaddafi. current net perhaps influence exports and push up the price of crude? >> there is no question that security is a major concern here. they will have to demonstrate they have been able to maintain security across all of the oil fields and facilities before the advance of the last day or
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so we heard rebels say they were establishing an oil security force. we will have to bring back foreign workers to get production back to full steam. that is a key factor to watch. >> thank you so much for joining us today. more updates later. thank you. >> with this now, is our political commentator. a former lawyer for the politic -- for the libyan government. do you anticipate there will be more resistance? >> i think that gaddafi will resist an order to deter the secrecy of his whereabouts. two of his sons were detained. the regime has supported gaddafi. you could see them moving very
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quickly, trying to convince them. >> his position and being in terms of any bargaining chips. >> he still has some force. do not rule that out. he will never gain that power back. that is why the rebels will do better. he will have some other nerve center of communications. >> thank you very much. more from you in the coming minutes. just a quick reminder of the main news from libya at the moment. rebel forces enter the heart of
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trip law -- tripoli overnight. >> we will keep you up-to-date on bbc news. >> make sense of international news at >> funding was made possible by the freeman foundation of new york, stowe, vermont, and honolulu. newman's own foundation. and union bank. >> union bank has put its global financial strength to work for a wide range of companies. what can we do for you? >> "bbc world news" was presented by kcet los angeles.
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